Friday, 21 August 2015

Fashion: Huns and Crossovers

Hello everyone!

Another post...I know. This week I have been on fire. I think its to do with my severe lack of inspiration coming to an end hurrah. Todays outfit was mostly inspired by the 'hun' a half up bun. This is definitely the lazy/indecisive girls hair do. Its super easy to do and requires minimal effort but still looks like you have at least tried. This also meant the rest of my outfit would require the same lazy input. Shame.

Hence the simple denim skirt, white shirt and duster combo. I have seen this style of top EVERYWHERE and always wanted one but I can never find one that doesn't go toooooo low down, as I can't get away without wearing a bra. To have small boobs.... This was until I seen this 'dress' now top in H&M for only £9.99. Yes a tenner for a dress it was a beautiful moment. I have honestly got so much use out of this dress as I wear it as a top constantly even if the puffy sleeves do leave a Pride and Prejudice/ Colin Firth vibe to them. 

I have obviously been obsessed with denim and this skirt is no exception I especially love the buttons all down the front that actually fasten and are not just for decoration, bonus. Its the perfect length too as its not too short or crazy long for a short person like moi. I also had to attach my little pom pom that I am scarily possessive over. I consistently try and incorporate it into all my outfits, it needs me...

Duster: Urban Outfitters $19.99
Top (dress): H&M £9.99
Skirt: New Look £19.99
Pom: Primark £2
Shoes: Primark £15
Sunglasses: Forever 21 £4.99

I have been trying to embrace my pale skin for some time now as I have hit a brick wall with self tan. I have tried every single one and they all do not last near long enough for the effort you put in applying them. Plus you only get about 2 days max of nice tan, the rest is either too pale or beginning to fade into scaly uglyness. Hence the pale pins.  Also the camera sometimes makes me look orange. Its funny like that. Life tests me.

When I was travelling through east coast America I stalked down the Urban Outfitters there as you do and found this amazing duster coat in the sale for $19.99. I could have cried. It is made of the most gorgeous light weight fabric and I can team it with anything if I want it to look pretty minimal. The weather was pretty scorching today so we ended up just walking around parks and rivers which was lovely!

Im heading to the bloggers market tomorrow so let me know if any of you guys are going!

See you soon 


  1. I am definitely a fan of the hun. It's so cool & trendt but reminds me of the 90s. Cute look. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Its the easiest hairstyle ever! Thanks :) xx

  2. You are looking amazing... as always! I love the hun. I am a fan of it myself. Well. I was. Until I got my hair chopped and I now I struggle a little. But I do love the hair.



    1. Hey hunni!!! Thanks girl, I absolutely looooooove yo hair :) xxx

  3. Loving those shades! Kind of funky looking! Very 90s-esque for sure! X

    Dungaree loving over on-

    1. These shades are practically attached to my face haha. Thank you xx

  4. This is so beautiful! Love the denim skirt.

  5. Totally loving the look! And lipstick! :)

    Following? :)

  6. Love the outfit! You are Absoloutly stunning x

    1. Hey Hannah! Thats soo sweet thank you :) <3 xx