Monday, 24 August 2015

Fashion: The Last of the Floral Dress

Hello everyone!

How was everyones amazing weekend? How good was the weather? Like seriously the heat was almost unbearable at one point. London tubes were definitely not built for hot weather. I took my notepad/fan out and the looks of jealousy were real. Seeing as this last weekend of summer had arrived I wanted to take full advantage of it and get the legs out with the brightest floral dress I could find. 

I adore red, I think it is an absolutely beautiful colour and can really work if you are deathly pale like myself. Lets observe those Casper legs. I swear white sheets of paper look more tanned! I also teamed it with these bright blue socks that some people may appreciate and others not...But I thought it was a fun little twist to the outfit. 

Dress: ASOS £40
Boots: Next £35
Socks: Topshop £8

I opted to keep this outfit pretty simple as even in this dress I was boiling! I attended the Bloggers Market at the Hoxton hotel this weekend which was something so fun and different to do. The girls who organised it did really well and we were treated to sushi, Krispy Kreme donuts and Appletiser drinks. WIN. The donuts I must admit were the highlight, how can you stop at one??? It was great to see the blogger's boyfriends stepping in and helping out too I thought that was really cute to see! I managed to pick up a few little things including a shirt from Olivia for £4, couldn't be happier. 

I need suggestions on good vintage markets/thrift shops to browse in as I am so bored with the shops right now if you have any ideas please comment below it would help me out loads!! Also apologies for the hair blowing every where in these photos, BLOGGER PROBLEMS. It is currently pouring down with rain so uploading these sunny photos from only days ago feels so weird. Oh Britain why are you so temperamental? 

See you soon! 


  1. Chloe I love this - you look amazing!! xx

  2. Great dress, love the shoes too!

    Anika |

    1. I literally wear this dress soooo much. Thank you lovely! xx

  3. Fab photos! Love how you put the blue socks on, it works so well with the bright red x

    1. Thank you so much! My bf was so put off with the blue socks, I love them aha xx

  4. This look is so so beautiful! With the red lips as well its so beautiful!

  5. You look fab gal!