Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Beauty: How I Get Dewy Ilumminated Skin

Hello everyone!

So I absolutely love love L-O-V-E fashion blogging and will definitely continue to do so however, another great passion of mine is the cosmetic industry. AKA I love makeup and always have! I remember when I was about 5 and after seeing all the Disney princesses with red lips, I am looking at you Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, and would sneak my mums red lipsticks ALL THE TIME. Princess gotta have them red lips. 

I have always been so fascinated by the effects of makeup and the difference it can make to people, it is literally power! This then spurred my interest in learning more. So I joined the Smashbox Cosmetics team and became a Crew Member and I worked there for over a year. Since graduating I have moved to London so seek a different career where I can combine makeup and fashion together! 

With this in mind I wanted to start a new chapter on my blog that allows me to share with you guys my favourite beauty products, best value for money and tutorials etc. Now I am by no means an expert but seeing as it is a passion of mines I thought I would give it a shot.  

This post today is going to be focused on the era of 'Dewy Skin',  having dry skin means this skin type/effect is forever desired by me therefore after many trials and errors I found my saviours I thought I would share them with you lovely lot. 

4 Simple Steps to Dewy Skin


Hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE. I honestly never knew the difference drinking water could make to your skin. I suffer from dry skin and mild break outs like most people and I have tried so many products to help me. Who would have thought plain simple water could help??? I am the worst at keeping hydrated and literally could go the whole day on 2 glasses so no wonder I looked like Spongebob in that episode where he went out of the sea. Look it up, worth the watch. Educational purposes and all that...

This little ray of sunshine is amazing as it filters out everything impure, or unnatural in tap water and is great for taking on public transport on a hot day. We've all been there. It helps you get them in loads of colours. Shock I got yellow.

Side effect: Will need to go to the toilet every 15/10/5 minutes.


All about that base about that base. So this is the skincare part. The foundation of your skin is so important when it comes to this dewy look.

My top 3 products are:

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water which is amazing for your skin as it is alcohol, silicone and oil free, so perfect for lots of skin types.  This creates the perfect primed base to create a sheer canvas, hydrate skin for hours and the electrolyte loaded mist aims to revitalise complexion in order to boost radiance. WIN.

L'Occitane En Provence Divine Daily Moisturiser which is in this perfect little travel sized pot that lasts for aaaaaaaages and promises to keep skin hydrated and plump throughout the day, with 5 patents, Divine cream acts at the heart of cells to visably correct all signs of ageing, for beautiful younger-looking skin. Taking care of those wrinkles EARLY. 

Liz Earle Daily Eye Repair this little beauty has been around the blogging block for some time now and for a good reason! It contains a SPF of 10 with natural ingredients Echinacea, Borage and Vitamin E which all help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dehydration. The best part for dewy skin is the light reflecting particles within the cream that conceal and brighten under-eye shadows. Perfect!

Now you do not need all these products exactly but it is a good place to start if you have a primer, moisturiser and eye cream, these are just my faves!


The glow within! This technique is probably my favourite as it makes the most satisfying difference. These 3 products are all facial creams that sit underneath your foundation to help the effect of which ever product you use to look radiant, glowy and illuminated DEWY GOODNESS.

My top 3 products are:

BB+ Illumination Facial Creme by Gerard Cosmetics literally take a pea sized amount and place on all the high points of your face, then with the product you have left over start massaging it into the skin. This will make an instant impact to the skin. It will create a sheer canvas of glow all over your face and it applies a champagne gold tint to the skin.

Nars Illuminator in Copacabana now with this stuff a little goes a long way. It is traditionally used as a super intense creme highlight which it works wonders at. However if you are a little pale and prefer highlighters with a pink undertone/base mix a pea sized amount of this into some moisturiser and cover the skin with it. The effect is sooooooo beautiful and looks amazing underneath foundation to give the effect of dewy, healthy skin.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer in Luminizing another firm favourite of mines, however they are discounting this product very soon so order now and in bulk. I have 3 unopened waiting for me I am that obsessed. This product is PERFECTION. It looks kind of scary because of the colour however it works on all skintones, I use it when I am pale and when I am self tanning. The sheer tint, colour and inner glow this gives to the skin is incredible and gives the most dramatic difference to skin texture, colour and dewyness. YOU NEED GIRLS/BOYS.


Strobe time. I love a highlighter, I do however there are obvious amazing ones and obvious poor ones. I have been the victim of both poor and the winner of good little gems. These two are my main gems! With the exception of MaryLouManizer by the Balm that I NEED.

My top 2 Products are:

Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights in Baked Stardust this is where you can tell I've worked for Smashbox but I swear these are my genuine favourites. This highlighter is perfect for paler skintones as it gives a very sheer (not subtle) pearl highlight that reflects the light like a crazy b***h. It is so beaut it makes me want to cry and is perfect for down the bridge of your nose, high points of cheeks and brows and even on that cupids bow.

MAC Mineralise Highlighter in Soft and Gentle MAC is one of my all time favourite brands and this oldie but goodie highlighter is not exception, you can see from the picture above its crazy beautifulness and pigmentation. So try not to go too overboard with this product, first time I wore it I literally painted my face! This is for the days where you want people to see your highlight. This product is for badass strobing.

There you go that is my absolute best recommends and personal products that I use everyday when I am wanting to achieve the dewy, wet face so much moisture face that I crave. It would mean so much to me if you would let me know in the comments if you want me to continue doing beauty blogging and any suggestions for next time.  I also wanted to quickly say thank you soooooooo much to all the lovely new followers and all the amazing comments I got in my last post!! SO KIND. 

See you soon!



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  2. Your makeup looks flawless!! Followed x

  3. I really loved this post! I've been wanting that Smashbox illuminating primer for ages, can't wait to buy it now! Thank you for all the great tips! xxx

  4. Wow your skin looks amazing! Definitely investing in some of these when I get paid, I love Smashbox too!