Thursday, 20 August 2015

Beauty: My Top Three Current Fave Foundations

Hello everyone!

Right blogger warning straight away! This top three foundation review will contain graphic and CLOSE UP images of my face, flaws and imperfections. In order for you lovely people to see the foundation in its full glory I decided to whip out the big old camera and take up close and personal pictures of my skin wearing the foundation. This means my trusty spots, hair and oil is all on display. Lovely. 

I was a bit skeptical about uploading this pictures onto this blog where it could be ripped to shreds but hey lets just embrace these flaws and recognise the genius power of the foundation trying its hardest to disguise them. Lord bless me with the strength...

Foundation in my personal option is something that sets the base of your face and is the MOST important part in wanting that natural yet Beyonce flawless finish. It is the one product I would say is worth splashing that dolla on. I have split my top 3 in categories of best for pale skin, BB and all time best. 


1) To my fair babies! 

Being a fair/PASTY skinned girl myself I understand that this does not always come with that porcelain model esque perfect skin. Instead it means I have practically translucent skin that shows up every single freckle, spot, redness and vein EVER. Even imaginary ones, I swear! 

Bobbi Brown Long-wear Even Finish Foundation, (shade 2 Sand) this little cheeky number understands my pain and offers me full coverage without looking mask like. YAS. It even has an SPF 15 which is perfect for those wrinkle worriers like moi.  It lets your skin breathe while still lasting all day and never casts any yellow/pink tones that many pale shades create. Its medium to full coverage and is oil free too whilst keeping the skin hydrated. Basically your best friend. 

2) To my Natural Beauties! 

Now full coverage may not be to everyone's taste, some may have amazing skin and other like me need something quick and simple, yet effective. This is perfect for lazy days. A BB cream is a light weight foundation/tinted moisturiser that should even out skin tone and hide blemishes. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB, (shade Intensity 3.0) this is perfection as it is a lightweight super fluid foundation/BB cream that has a super high SPF of 30 which is so useful when on holidays which is when I usually take this bad boy. This instantly perfects the skin tone and vibrancy. The soft optics within the formulation impart clear, bright tone and lustre to the skin for a flawless healthy glow. Added benefits include up to 8 hours long wear and Vitamin E + C.  On my own personal recommendation the colour selection for this is slightly poorer than most so this is definitely a holiday buy!  

3) My All Time Lover  

This has genuinely been my entire teenage/adult life quest to find the perfect foundation that blends like a dream, offers build-able coverage, hides blemishes, evens skin tone, is lightweight and hydrating, no flashback and gives that dewy healthy skin radiance. VOILA, let me introduce to you the most perfect foundation to grace the world.  

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, (shade Sante Fe Medium 2). This little number has a lot of hype on beauty blogs and Youtubes everywhere and for a good reason. This beauty is the BUSINESS. I want a truck load delivered to me now and I would never wear anything ever again. Except this foundation is a nightmare to get hold of. Everyone knows how amazing it is and it runs out of stock ALL. THE. TIME. Which is emotionally destructive to me. Unfortunately for you guys I have taken severe closeups of my skin with the foundation on so you can see it in all its marvel. See warning in Intro. 

Here goes...

Yep they were close up. That oily nose, and pimple prone skin oh and did you catch the facial hairs?As you can see I don't wear heavy coverage unless I am going out out so for the day I like to keep it pretty fresh. This means my natural oils, freckles and blemishes may come through. However the Nars foundation seriously reduces this in the most natural way possible whilst making my skin look super glowy.  It is worth mentioning as this foundation is build-able I wear it going out out too as this can go seriously full coverage.

Next post will be back to fashion I am still working on a schedule for balancing my beauty and fashion. I will keep you guys posted :). 

See you soon! 


  1. I really want to try this Nars foundation! Your skin looks beautiful :)

    1. Honestly its so amazing! Defo try and get a sample first :)


  2. Gorgeous!! I plan on trying out the Nars ASAP! xx

    1. it is LIFE CHANGING STUFF! Just ask the girl for a sample first as I think the shades are a bit funny. xx

  3. Beautiful look! I have to check these out!