Sunday, 13 March 2016

Fashion: Sunday Roast

Hi everyone!

Apologies for this late post, this was actually last Sunday. However being the creature of habit that I am we will be doing the exact same again.. go figure. The main reason for this is that this roast is so god damn delicious that I genuinely dream about it all week. Sad that my life revolves around food but it does. Food = the dream. 

Its an old pub right across from the Sainsbury's in Chiswick, I can't quite remember the name but its on Chiswick high road, one of my favourite high streets in London! I actually sometimes regret working 5 days a week (Don't we all) as I never get to see enough of it... 

I do remember that Sunday being a particularly bitter one and the top I was wearing was holy inappropriate. The things you do for fashion. However what did save me was this new jacket from Zara, looks hella expensive when in reality it was £39.99. I know tears stream... It is beautiful and I am obsessed, I think it features in my next post too, sorrynotsorry. It is the softest buttery smooth faux leather I have ever felt and it fits so sleek! Zara I love you. 

Jacket: Zara £39.99
Top: New Look £14.99
Culottes: New Look £7
Boots: Missguided £29.99
Neck tie: Boohoo £3
Sunglasses: Forever21 £6
Rings: H&M £4

Moving on from one end of the high street to another, New Look. Oh my days has my love been reunited! I can really tell that New Look have upped their styling and quality game this year. It was around christmas time I started noticing their campaigns and how sleek and stylish everything looked, plus I fancied the model which always helps. Either way I decided to test some things out and bought a few things from the sale. This beautiful culottes were £7 yes £7, honestly I was unsure as they were marked down so low but they arrived and the quality matches if not better than Topshop. They are a paper bag waist with pinstripes and are honestly so on trend and a great fit that I have been trying to style them differently everyday so that people don't realise I have worn them 3x in a row...
This top is also New Look, I told you I was on a roll and again amazing quality for the price I paid and it has taken me forever to find a cross lace top. This one isn't too low that you can see your belly button but isn't one of those tiny 3 lace tops either, the perfect fit! I got it in grey as I wanted it to go with my H&M grey jacket and it did not disappoint. I think I need it in cream and black too. Control yourself woman!

So overall check out New Look and stuff your face with a roast, its what Sundays are for after all! Happy Sunday everyone 


  1. love these culottes, can't believe they were only £7! and oh my god that roast looks amazing!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE x

    1. Hi Katy!

      i know right! £7! Such a dream. The roast was incred, such a foody xx

  2. Omg gal, Killlllllllling it!