Sunday, 6 March 2016

Beauty: My Current Skincare Routine

Hi everyone!

So low and behold I'm back, sorry for not publishing a post mid week guys, its just been crazy at my end and it was just not a possibility. However it felt really weird so I have ensured I have a fashion one shot for mid week, after that I plan to finally do a makeup look! 

Now as much as I love makeup, which we all know is a lot I happen to love skincare more, mostly because I know how important it is to look after the one coating skin we get... sorry that sounds eww. Its true though, which is why you need to plan a skincare routine around your lifestyle and what is easiest time wise and skin type wise. Bearing this in mind Its important to know its taken me years to finally get my skincare down and skin under control. Just last year I was writing about how bad my breakouts can be! Teenage skin carries through into your mid 20's kids,  WHY, WHY??! 

Before I get slated for these products chosen, skincare to me is highly important and I believe you should invest in as much as you can afford. Its the quality of the ingrediants you are paying for. And its the ingredients that your skin drinks in. Think about it. Saying this its not quite Creme de la Mer (I wish) so its all good and semi affordable. 

Disclaimer: What works for my skin may not work for yours so please ask for a sample first. Side note skincare takes about a good 4 weeks to really kick in so get your patience ready folks. 


My Current Skincare Routine 

Step 1: Cleanse

Genuinely I used to use wipes, all the time. Whichever was the cheapest and would take off my makeup the quickest. However before you slap me across the wrist, I was not aware of just how drying and bacteria ridden these little wipes were! I started using them in my teens and just put the bad skin to hormones. Now with a bit more money in my bank I have been trying this facial cleansing milk that is super gentle on the skin but effective at taking off makeup and any pollution from the day. I love to get mini tester sizes first before I commit to any skincare. I also find that massaging this into your skin instead of using cotton pads etc actually saves you money in the long run as cotton pads are expensive! 

Directions: Its pretty easy, pea sized amount on your hand. Massage it into your skin and rinse off with warm water. Squeaky clean skin. 

Step 2: Exfoliate

Now exfoliating is one that can go terribly wrong. I have an exfoliating mask which I love from Lush called Cup o Coffee however I only use it as a treatment maybe 2x a month as its so abrasive. Now this Elemis one is the complete opposite it uses its ingredients to exfoliate instead of those beads. Elemis is one of my favourite brands as they specialise in skincare and do incredibly high performance products, just buy on QVC as its 3x cheaper. Its super important to exfoliate 1x a week as this gets rid of dead skin cells that might be making your makeup look patchy, it also allows your new skin cells to soak up the goodness of your skincare goodies!

Directions: Once your face has been cleansed, dollop another pea sized amount and gently in circular motions move across your face. Paying particular attention to dryer areas. Mines are around my nose...

Step 3: Mask

My favourite part of every skincare routine is the mask, I apply mines 2x a week just for the fun of it! My deep rooted love definitely stems from all the fun I used to have at sleepovers, now my bf gets roped into it. He loves it deep down though. At least his pores thank me. you can get sooooo many and loads are great however you really need to find what your concern is an address this and match it to a mask. My concerns are blemishes and dryness (attractive). Hence why this Tilbury mask is perfect as it de-reds any inflamation around blemishes but also leaves my skin baby smooth, hence the name. Leaving plump hydrated skin. YAS. 

Directions: Brush on a generous amount all over your face avoiding eye and mouth area, leave on for 10- 30 mins. Sit back relax and wait for beautiful skin. Rinse off with warm water and shiiiiine. 

Step 4: Face Serum 

Well hello serums! This was a product I never used, ever. Until a beautiful Bobbi expert told me that serums are 'the muscle of any skincare'. I was sold. 

Since then I have tried loads and settled on two. A nighttime one and a daytime one. Excessive I know. First thing first is this night time one by Bobbi Brown, its labelled a skin supplement as its full of skin loving vitamins. Its super hydrating and dries instantly. You just need the littlest bit and massage that all in and wait for the magic to happen. My blemishes have gone, any excess oil is gone as well as my skin looking 'fed' weird I know... I put this on at night as it is super heavy and more of a deeper treatment. 

Directions: Once your face is all clean and ready to be treated place a pea sized amount on your finger tips and massage it all in! It does get quite sticky so wait for this stickiness to leave and voila PERFECT SKIN. 

Second serum time! I told you I went ham on the serums. This is my day time one before I put my moisturiser on and then makeup. Ageing and wrinkles are the biggest fear of my life, those bitches will get you.  People laugh at me when I tell them I have been using anti ageing cream since I was 15 years of age. The tender age of 15... 

This stuff from Origins is insane, it really tightens the skin without leaving it feeling dry. Super nourished and you know its protecting you from the hands of time. Honestly read the ingredients, you'll be amazed at the goodies within. This is definitely a game changer. Product for life. Smells great too. 

Directions: In the morning once your face is all clean and ready to be treated place a pea sized amount on your finger tips and pat it in to all facial areas.  This is great for the morning as it is not vicious and thick so it dries instantly and allows you to layer products on. This makes your makeup look fabby, the mua's dream. 

Step 5: Eye serum

Serum number 3....

I am ashamed at all my skincare purchases. Moving swiftly on. Eye care is often left out and is one of the most crucial elements in skincare, when you dry crows feet you will know about it. Also a lot of cakeyness that comes from concealer is actually just your under eye skin being dry not the concealer. 

My friend works for Clinique and was raving about this eye serum for ages and I knew, KNEW I had to get it or regret it. This stuff is so beautiful. Instantly hydrating and again has anti ageing properties in it. Basically if you are concerned about dehydrated skin and anti ageing this is for you. Whats better is that you genuinely need the tiniest amount so it will last longer! 

Directions: Use a rice since amount and gently pat it in around the eye area. Not too close to the lash line. This stuff is super water based so you can feel your under eyes drink this in. I have used this now for about 2 weeks and I can already see my under eyes getting smoother and brighter. Dreams do come true kids. 

Step 6: Eye cream

Hey ho another eye product, told you they were important. This time this is for my morning makeup prep! I use this amazing stuff under my concealer and boy does this help make me look as though I have had 8 hours sleep when realistically I Have had 4. Whoop whoop! This stuff literally reduces the look of dark dehydrated eyes and retextures the under eye area to make makeup applications super easy and flawless. 

Directions: I literally use the littlest amount I can possibly use, I recommend using an ear bud to take this stuff out just to prevent any bacteria forming in the jar especially if you have spot prone skin. Pat gently around the eye area as with the night time serum.

Step 7: Moisturiser

Now if you have dehydrating and tired skin like I do a moisturiser is going to be top of your priority list and you better make it a good one. Although I want my skin to be even and hydrated I also want some extra benefits in there too. Which is why this Estee Lauder Resilience lift cream is perfect. It has an SPF of 15 to protect my skin from sun damage and also hosts lots of anti ageing and reforming agents to lift and sculpt the skin. It is also super lightweight which makes it perfect for day or night! 

Directions: Smooth a good size onto your palm. Rub into your finger tips and gently massage all over your face and neck avoiding any eye or mouth area. 

Step 8: Bath/Body Oil

Lastly! Told you I get pretty over excited about skincare, we have the most beautiful bath and body oil ever, Jo Malone's Nectarine Blossom & Honey bath oil. I feel like a total princess when i make bubbles with this. I go all out when using this a pour myself a glass of Prosecco and enjoy my 'me' time. 

Jo Malone is one of those brands that is so luxurious that you can't help but enjoy everything about the product. The scent is glorious and stays on your skin hours after bathing. It also leaves your skin super soft and supple! Gorgeous gift to you or another. And by another I mean me. 

The end I am now 100 years of age. 

WOW that was a long post, sorry guys, well done if you made it through. Told you skincare was important to me. I hope I have inspired you all to look after your skin a bit more and maybe taken some ideas from my favourites. I would love to know what your favourites are as I am always open to trying new products! 

See you in my next fashion post! 


  1. Elemis is a brand I must try. I love this post!

    S .x

    1. Definitely check them out on, you can try stuff out a bit cheaper :)