Sunday, 28 February 2016

Fashion: Pier Pressure

Hi everyone!

Right the reason why this post is called pier pressure is due to one simple fact. People staring out you when doing blog photos...I know it must look pretty weird and 'look at me' but honestly I am so awkward and just want the pictures taken fast. Good photos in 10 mins? (Peer pressure!). 

Moving on from this explanation these photos are promised from the previous post. To be honest the location was pretty special. Normally I do your pretty typical London street style backgrounds however being able to shoot on Brighton Pier was amaze. These snaps were also taken at around 4pm when the sun was starting to set so the light was beautiful. I really hope you enjoy the change of scenery. This outfit isn't super special but it has some pieces that I must talk about, the shoes and the jacket! Firstly one thing you need to have in mind when visiting any coast, particularly a UK based one is that the wind is murderous, it will tear right through you so wrap up folks! Hence why I have about 15 layers on and have covered every part of me minus the hands and face. If only balaclavas made a comeback. 

Jacket: Forever 21 (old) £40
Sleeveless Blazer: Topshop £35
Polo: Zara £19.99
Trousers: Missguided £22
Shoes: Missguided £25
Sunglasses: UO (old) £16 I think...

Right the jacket. Bought last summer from Forever21 and is possibly the best purchase. Its a beautiful mink pink colour and is real suede so any chance of cold or wind getting through is minus 10. I was crazy warm in this jacket. Its a real box fit which I love and stops it from looking tooo girly. Which then lead me on to these matching rose gold ballet lace up pumps of dreams. Literally the most comfiest of flats, perfect for exploring a new town and still look stylish. Warning: do not wear on a stone, pebble beach unless you want to take half the beach with you...

After these shots were taken I pretty much ran to the donut hut and ate them happily on the beach watching the sunset, pretty perfect actually. Also please don't judge me for wearing these UO sunglasses in every post I haven't seen another pair I love as much. I need serious shade game. Suggestions welcome. 

Currently I am snuggled up in my pink dressing gown, whats with all the pink Chloe?!, and I'm seriously contemplating my second helping of cheesecake to help me reminisce sweet Brighton dreams.

Hope you have a super chill Sunday night!
See you


  1. Girl I feel you so much on the whole "feeling awkward taking blog photos" thing, I get so anxious and end up looking strange in my pictures! This outfit and location is gorgeous too, love the pink bomber xx

    1. I always feel I am the only one who feels like this so thank god you do too haha!

      Thanks so much, I am a bit obsessed with the jacket :) xx

  2. Cute outfit! Love the colors.

  3. Stunning look and beautiful pictures :)

  4. Love. Such gorgeous location you're right! Babe xxx

  5. Love. Such gorgeous location you're right! Babe xxx