Friday, 6 February 2015

Easy Dressing

Hi everyone!

2 posts in 1 week, just sayin. The things I do to avoid writing my dissertation. So today has been really nice so far, I  went out for some lunch with the good old parents, which is sweet as I barely have anytime to myself never mind including them and it beats just moping around the house. 

You know those days where you really need to wash your hair and you just cannot be bothered? Today is that day, however  a la Olivia from this beehive is amazing. Its great for looking like you have made an effort when its really taken around 2 seconds. I  like to think with some red lipstick, simple monochrome dressing and a biker it can look put together. When we all know its not. 

I have gone a bit OTT on the makeup front today playing around with both purple and red, I know breaking rules everywhere here! So I couldn't go all out with crazy patterns and textures so my outfit is pretty clean and simplistic. 

These trousers are amazing and tick all the boxes, 70's flared, high waisted and black. Yes. Paired with a simple loose fitting 'ironed' shirt, fingers crossed you've skipped over high school teacher and went straight too 'I woke up like this'. This chain is one of my all time favorites and my biggest regret is not getting it in silver, its from H&M which is my go to store if Zara is just too pricey for my student bank. FULL TIME JOB COME AT ME. It is actually long in length but I prefer to wear it as a short chain and longer for more boho stylings. 

Jacket: H&M £35
Shirt: Zara £19.99
Trousers: Topshop £40
Boots: Next £35
Chain: H&M £6.99

Now these shoes...I got inspiration from the ASOS stylist (dream job) Frankie as I think I am just a tad bit in love with her I will link her personal blog here. These boots are super comfy considering the heel and will be perfect both winter and spring/summer. Also I cannot wait to pair these with some cute socks. 

Hope you guys are liking this style of blogging before I return to the 'pro' pics :).

Have an amazing weekend guys!


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  1. I love this outfit, and I need those shoes.

    Jenn from