Monday, 23 February 2015

Everyone Is Talking About Denim

Hey everyone!

Yay its Monday whoooooo, back to the weekly grind. Now that LFW is almost over I have started to reflect on the outfits that I have seen and the trends that have been emerging. However I have to say I wasn't overly blown away. I don't know if its because right now being in between seasons the shops don't have loads to offer or if we are all lacking a little bit of inspiration. 

I just felt in some cases, there was definitely exceptions, that dressing was a bit OTT. For example the 70s trend, I absolutely love this trend but some people were literally head to toe, time travelling gypsys that have saturated themselves in every fringe, velvet, floaty or suede material there was. I actually preferred to see the kids that were dressing crazy like the bloggers The Confetti Crowd, literally loved every single outfit, it was all just so fun and playful. 

I was also so chuffed to see so many Scottish bloggers down at LFW this year and they all completely rocked it. Now that I feel the 70s trend is ruined, a new trend emerged that I really and will always love, denim. I have worn denim since I was around 4 years old but never in jeans weirdly enough. Jeans just do not suit me which is annoying because they look great on other people. 

Coat: ASOS £58
Denim Jacket: Vintage Levi £22
Shirt: Ralph Lauren £70
Leather leggings: Topshop (old)
Brogues: Missguided £29.99
Watch: Fossil (Present)
Rings: H&M £4.99

My favorite is the denim jacket. The one I am wearing today is an absolute vintage Levi steal that will be my true love eternally. I got this one from one of the stores on Brick Lane, there would never be something this amazing in Scotland. However saying that, its not vintage but there is a new beautiful one in H&M that is begging to be mines. It is a off white beauty with rose gold buttons......aaaah I die. Every time I walk past it to get to work I always go in, just to feel it. Weird, I know.

I'm pretty sure the denim trend will be big this year especially in forms of dresses and co-ords which I cannot wait for! For now since it is still minus 25 outside I will be wearing mines underneath coats. Super cosy. 

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  1. Damn gurl. You look mighty fine! Love the outfit.