Monday, 9 February 2015

How About Some Colour

Hi everyone

So again sorry for the quality of the photos by next week I should be getting some 'pro' ones, I tried to take some myself outside with a proper camera but when you have my dog its a constant battle for attention and she loves cameras. How has everyone's weekends been? ALSO have you seen the Grammy's outfits. To die for. I think my favourite had to be Kylie Jenner, holy crap. So as a nod to Kylie's sparkly number I decided to put on my own embellished one, as I'm trying to get all the use out of it before spring!

Also what was Rhianna wearing? Sorry to all you fans out there! She has such a hot bod and she covered it all up in one big massive ruffle...

I noticed that recently my posts have been pretty minimalistic, which I love but I thought just to change things up a bit I would pop some colour into my outfit and that I did. Now I am not the biggest pink lover in the world but this Zara shirt is an exception, Plus I love pairing it with clashing colours such as green or orange! I tend to change my style so often that I forget what goes with what but I think its the best way to just think everything looks great with everything haha. Ignorance is bliss my friend, bliss

Jacket: Primark £25
Pink Shirt: Zara £39.99
Green Shirt: H&M £19.99
Shoes: Next £29.99
Watch: Fossil (Present)
Cuff: Topshop £8

So I've chosen pink, green and orange as my main colours for this look much to my mothers disgust, however I quite like the look it gives and if that wasn't enough why not throw on a sparkly jacket to finish.

I am pretty short so I can get off with wearing this shirt as a dress as long as I wear the thickest tights known to man. No one needs a flash. Perk to being a midget is that you can get off with wearing tops as dresses, yay!

These shoes I have worn to death, but they suit the purpose of giving me some height whilst still remaining pretty casual. Right I better stop procrastinating and get on with the love of my life...the 4th year dissertation. Have a fabby day guys! 


P.S Side note, I am no where near as grumpy as I look in these photos haha

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