Thursday, 12 February 2015

Shadows and Highlights

Hi everyone!

This post was a bit of a impromptu one so sorry if the lighting is a bit off, also please ignore the cringe worthy selfie stick, the things we do to get ootd pictures. 

After all that colour in the last post I really craved something that was more simplistic, clean and very wearable. I am a massive candidate for buying clothing that feel amazing, if it doesn't feel good then I am not going anywhere near it. Even if something is hideous, if it feels like a cloud, I'll buy it. I'm obsessed.  

So this silk inspired top from Zara is just gorgeous, its very floaty and fluid which allows movement to flow much easier which is specifically important to me as I run around like a toddler on speed. However it is white and considering I am not the most elegant of humans on the plant it will need washed in approx 10 mins. 

I paired it with a long silky underskirt that I recently found underneath one of my very very very old dresses and just cut it out. It fits perfect for layering or wearing on its own in the summer. Normally when I try and do any customisation it goes severely wrong. RIP boyfriend Tammy girl jeans... Yet there was hope, as this time it actually worked and it goes with so much of my wardrobe. 

Jacket: H&M £29.99
Top: Zara £29.99
Skirt: Made
Boots: Missguided £29.99

This jacket I have had for a while now and have literally worn it to death, you just need to scroll to previous blog posts to see. I love the waterfall style light coats that are going around, I've just recently picked up an olive green one that I love and may marry. Speaking of love its Valentine's day on Saturday or 'single awareness day' depending on which side of the love/hate scale you are on. I have never really been a massive fan of valentines day, I much prefer to just buy gifts out of spontaneity rather than pressure. An unthoughtful gift is the worst. Unless its clothes. Then no, that's never wrong. Either way I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend which ever you decide to do! Hopefully I can post before then :). 

See yous!

Just in case anyone is wondering my lipstick is just a MAC lipliner in Boldly Bare and then a touch of Smashbox Primrose lipstick, for you make up geeks out there! 

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  1. You look gorgeous! This lipstick is amazing! x