Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Beauty: My Charlotte Tilbury Experience

Hi everyone!

So as you all know I used to work as a makeup artist for this brand but never have I ever had my makeup done, so I was super keen when I was asked to come down for a makeover. Finally some pampering time. Charlotte Tilbury as you probably well know is on fire right now, and is taking the makeup industry by storm so I had to go check it out as a customer! 

I was booked in with the ever so lovely Emily Gordon who works at the Covent Garden flagship store, to be my official makeup guru. If you can book with her, its like having your own little Charlotte, she even has the same red hair...She was super patient with me as she knew I would be taking photos and asking loads of questions to tell you all! Basically she is a big babe and I fancy her loads <3.  

As you walk into store a makeup artist is there to guide you downstairs into the vintage/tilbury tomb of wonder. You literally feel like you have travelled back in time to the most glamorous of timelines. You get offered a complimentary glass of champagne which I was all about, especially heading bare face into Covent Garden, the hills have eyes indeed!  Once seated in your own makeover station your makeup artist will go over the Tilbury philosophy and you get to choose form the 10 looks that Tilbury suggests. I chose the Golden Goddess, ha I do like to think I am some Penelope Cruz/J-lo with my pasty skin. Dreamers will always dream.

Then the makeover begins...

- Try and not get too distracted on how beautiful the decor is and actually listen to the makeup artist they tell you lots of interesting facts on the products. 

So Emily Gordon is classed as a Team Tilbury artist and has worked for the brand for 1.5 years! The makeover lasts 1 hour and is £35 redeemable against products, an absolute steal, but you will end up buying more, emotional. The whole experience is based against makeup wardrobing and allowing yourself to be up to 10 different women if you feel like it. Emily explains, 'You wouldn't just wear one dress everyday, so why would you wear one makeup look'.  Makes sense. 

At the end of the makeover you get to see your new face in those beautiful hollywood mirrors and get given your personalised makeup menu so you know what to purchase then and what to purchase later. This is then packaged up with your products in beautiful tissue and in the Tilbury luxury bag, 'Gorgeous Darling!' (Charlotte Impression).

Fun Facts: 

Top 3 fave looks: Dolce Vita, Rock Chick and Sophisticate 
Most used red carpet looks: Golden Goddess (Celebs, myself included (lol) can't get enough)
Top 3 must have products: Filmstar Bronze and Glow, Eyes to Mesmerise in 'Antonette' and lip liner in 'Pillow Talk'. 
Tilbury's Celeb Icons: Amal Clooney, Kate Moss and Penelope Cruz (dream boats)
Celeb Spot: On occasion Charlottes own niece Sophia will work on counter, one step closer to the woman herself! 

Experience 8/10: Overall I had a truly incredible experience, my artist was incredibly talented and extremely knowledgable! The added champagne was a beautiful touch and the over aesthetics of the products and decor is to die for. The only downsides I would say is that it is not a lesson, you are told about the products and get a beautiful makeover but you are not shown how to's. Secondly the lighting in the boudoir is very dim, making the experience incredibly luxurious but it means you can't see the exact colours of the makeup. Thirdly you will end of spending a lot, a lot of money because everything is beaut! 

I would just like to thank the beautiful Emily Gordon for being an amazing makeup artist and having the patience to let me take photos and ask lots of questions and for the rest of the team for being so friendly! 

Go visit now! 


  1. Nice post :) I live Char Tilbs