Sunday, 21 February 2016

Fashion: Boy Dressing

Hi everyone

I have just had the biggest Sunday roast of my life, look at my Instagram for the picture, so delish, so worth it. Thankfully these photos were taken before the feast so there is no food belly yet. Although I am wearing this oversized jumper which will allow for a multitude of food sins. I think for the food lovers among us oversized clothing is possibly the best design ever to have existed. 

Moving on from food sadly, I have been loving wearing loads of neutrals! They just go with so much and are perfect for the lazy dresser like me. I got this jumper from ASOS, which right now has me hooked on my saved items list. This jumper is incred, the material is really thick without that awful scratchiness. A bit of a repeat from last post I love these Boohoo shoes as they haven't been off my feet. I'm not usually a heel person but these don't feel like heels thank zee lord. 

Jacket: River Island £85
Jumper: ASOS £30
Trousers: Missguided £22
Heels: Boohoo (see previous post)
Hoops: H&M £4.99
Bracelets: H&M £5.99 each
Watch: Fossil £159
Bag: Gift 

One of the best things about living with a boy is there wardrobe, why are boys clothes so much more comfortable. Why.  Same with food really his food is always so much better than mines, (back to food Chloe, really?) hence why I still it all the time. This jacket is actually his but I bought it as a gift so technically I have rights to it. Right? 

Either way it is saving me right now, why is London in the middle of an ice age?! I am actually escaping to Brighton for a few days next week, cannot wait to see the sea again. Will hopefully get a few pics up.

See you soon


  1. OMG, that jacket! I die! Looking beautiful, lady xx

    1. Thanks my love! I know you of all people can't resist a good jacket haha xx

  2. This outfit is so gorgeous! I never wear gold accessories but you have converted me. Love the shoes too xx

    1. Haha! Thank you so much, these shoes have been glued to my feet! xx