Friday, 26 February 2016

Lifestyle: 24 Hours in Brighton Photo Diary

Hi everyone! 

Recently, yesterday, me and the 'instagram bf' went to Brighton for a quick 24 hour trip to celebrate being together for 2 years. The boy deserves a medal. I've never stayed over in Brighton before so was ridicously excited about the whole thing and had researched countless of blogs. What Olivia Did and Hello October being the most helpful. Thanks girls! This is just a super image heavy post detailed what I got up to in a photo diary style, enjoy!

p.s look how sunny it was BOTH days, beyond jammy duo. 


Casual selfie, as you do

Seriously the most delicious and well spent £4 of my life. 

Calvin Klein's next top bird model... Adam was so obsessed with this bird, he made me post it as I deleted the 70 pictures he took of it. 



MANGE TOUT (Breakfast)

The best ice cream in Brighton! 


I mean, hello heaven.

The only drink in the world to defeat me! So rich I couldn't even finish...New low for myself


The first shot of this quad kills me hah!

I had the most loveliest mini trip to Brighton and was surprised as to how much we managed to pack in. The hotel we were staying at was beautiful there was just a shame there was so many places to visit and so little time. I hope you enjoyed this post, I have a fashion one coming next with 'bloggy' pier pics, so hopefully you will like it! Let me know if any of you are from Brighton or have been, I need more suggestions as to what to visit next time. 

See you all soon! 


  1. aw I love this post, I adore Brighton! The Lanes is one of my favourite parts, I really recommend visiting the huge Beyond Retro there too xx

    1. Hi Cara,

      Thanks lovely! Omg I didn't know they had one. Gutted its definitely on my list for next time! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much girl! It was the best break away ever xxxx